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Using our tree service in Sandy Springs, Georgia and cities around will help you save money plus ensure your trees are at their peak of health for years to come. Sandy Springs Tree Service is insured and offers professional tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, debris removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, land clearing service, tree spraying, tree fertilizing and tree beautification. We provide services for Residential and Commercial clients all around Atlanta and Sandy Springs, GA. With low prices and quality work, we are a tree service you can be proud of. Whether you have a large wooded area or a small back yard, we can make your space a showplace!  Sandy Springs Tree Service offers Free Estimates and will enable  you to decide what trees to trim or remove according to your needs and the condition of the Trees.  Call Today and save with our low prices and professional services.

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Tree Removal - You may need this service if your tree is dead, dying or in the way of construction going up. Our tree removal service in Sandy Springs is insured and brings over 30 years of hands-on knowledge in all areas of Tree Care. With Free Quotes and budget-friendly prices, you'll be thrilled at how lovely your trees will become and how affordable these vital Tree Care services really are with Sandy Springs Tree Services!

Tree Trimming - Sandy Springs tree trimming services can help with any unwanted limbs and branches that need to be removed from your trees. Our tree trimming company can help bring sunlight to your lawn and gardens by trimming out the inside growth and raising your tree tips. Trees need to be trimmed to help promote proper growth and bring out the best of your home and commercial sites.
Tree Pruning - Pruning helps structural growth and shapes the tree according to your landscape. Sandy Springs pruning service will trim out any weak  branches and clip the tips of your trees to promote lusher, healthier-looking trees, and citrus trees with fruit tasting the way it is supposed to taste-delicious and insect-free!

Debris Removal - Limbs, branches, sticks and tree brush pile, we can help with. Strong winds and ice storms leave your lawn in a mess which makes large piles of debris. Call our debris removal service to help get rid of limbs, sticks or branch piles that you don't want.

Lot & Land Clearing - If you need a lot cleared or a large land cleared then our professional clearing service can help. With all the right equipment and know how, Sandy Springs tree service can clear your lot or land on time and with a price you can afford.

Emergency Tree Service - Emergency tree removal can be needed anytime day or night. Trees fall during storms, rains, strong winds and hurricanes and yours may need our service. For urgent tree care call Sandy Springs Tree Services for fast, efficient, budget-priced help when you need it most.

Stump Grinding - We can reach any stump you need and grind it out of existence!. From backyard small, annoying stumps to large, dangerous stumps caused by an uprooted tree  our stump grinding service will make stumps go away.

Sandy Springs Tree Service In Sandy Springs, Georgia


Tree Spraying -Keeps trees shielded from many insect enemies that would otherwise eat away at your trees until all that remains is to remove what they have left. We will fight back for for you-regularly scheduled maintenance keeps us aware of your trees' condition and any potential problems can be" nipped in the bud"!

Tree Fertilizing - Deep Root fertilizing gets to the all-important roots below ground allowing trees to absorb these nutrients and moisture through natural processes. We insure what they need is available and nutrient needs vary from species to species. Our Arborists know who needs what and how much as well as when. We remove all guesswork out of tree care and have it down to a science that is successful on all types of trees.

Senior Discount - Ask your friendly Customer Service Representative for details of this exciting offer!

Multiple Tree Removal - Just as it sounds-oftentimes after severe weather, insect or disease blight, multiple trees need to go from a property. This is essential to get all the damaged, diseased trees and shrubs spreading to yet other trees is prevented. Also, we can analyze the soil for any nutrient lack and prep the soil, remove dead trees, limbs, shrubs, branches. Now, on a freshly cleared and renewed site, you have the exciting prospect of redesigning your Landscape with stronger, more suitable varieties of trees and shrubs-with Sandy Springs Tree Service there to advise, consult, select and position your trees in their ideal new location!

Dead & Dangerous Trees
- Need to get removed from your property as soon as possible. We have seen so many injuries occur when old, dead trees just start dropping large branches. Odds are at some point someone in your yard will be hurt. No one wants that to occur, so call Sandy Springs Tree Services and we will affordably alleviate that danger. Damage to  other trees and buildings, vehicles, pools, other articles in your yard are also threatened by being in the path of these heavy, diseased, dead branches.  We have operators standing by to take your call, answer questions, and schedule your Free Assessment.

Pine Beetle Spraying
-  The Pine Bark Beetle is one on an innumerable amount of creeping insects who thrive on Your Pines-and other species. These voracious eaters are only about the size of a grain of rice, but they can and have wreaked immense havoc on Pine Trees in recent years. Florida, Georgia, and Texas are just a few states who have lost entire acres of forests to these minute killers. What they lack in size is made up for in sheer volume-these creatures are like grains of sand at the seashore-impossible to count! Everyone has jaws that do one thing-chew through wood in an amazingly short period of time. Your Estimator will examine your Pines for the telltale signs of these beetles-and will know how best to contain the situation. Some trees may be able to be saved if the problem can be handled in time. Sandy Springs Tree Service is all too familiar with these beetles and eradicating them to save your trees is our mission!

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As Always, Free Estimates for all Clients!

Pic 1

As mentioned, trees and sidewalks don't always have a smooth relationship.  Sandy Springs Tree Service Arborist and teams have ingenious methods to correct these type situations.

The array of  perplexing situations sometimes faced by our crews(pic1) makes a task like Tree Removal and Stump Grinding a "walk in the woods!"
That explains the plumbing issues!  Tree Roots have to find somewhere to go-often their choices are very limited!
An unpleasant aftermath of that refreshing thundershower! Sandy Springs Tree Service will be htere when you need us in an Emergency situation!

Throughout each day, our Certified Arborists and Tree Care teams wear many different "hats"! These are only a few-situations an Arborist and Certified tree workers accumulate extensive knowledge and experience-brainstorming exceptional fixes to very delicate and often complex problems between man and nature.
  1. These roots have nowhere to go but across the sidewalk
  2. Tree Removal & Stump Grinding
  3. Complex system of underground tree roots-often mistaken broken and damaged by people.  Roots at the base of the tree and outward (depending on the size and age of tree), are only at a depth of 12-18 inches or less -especially trees that have spreading roots that run across the ground shallowly. Digging in this area will kill a tree if enough roots are severed!
  4. Tree roots-being strangled by a drain pipe-pipe being broken by tree roots-Trees ideally should be placed where they can grow uninhibited-but, a skilled Arborist may be able to save the tree.
  5. Meet the Pine Bark Beetle-magnified -actual size is comparable to a rice grain-multiplied by millions=a LOT of dead Pines!
  6. Gadget gauging fertilization depth
  7. Injections of needed nutrients/ insect repellents can infuse a aickly tree with new vitality to aid it on the way back to health!
  8. Protective spraying of trees and shrubs with the proper mixtures necessary for each individual tree species can mean the difference between a lush, thriving tree and a sickly, unattractive tree.
  9.  Emergency needing a fast response. Sandy Springs Tree Service are at Your service
  10. 24/7
The "Fun Stuff"

As you can see from our extensive list of services, if it's growing on your property we will support it, fertilize it, enhance it, or if it's not to your liking or sickly, we'll Remove it. Your outdoors should be as welcoming and beautiful as your indoors. Landscaping is of course the first impression your home makes in the neighborhood. We are proud to be a company that cares for our precious natural resources, keeping them at their productive best.  Also, the very air and environment of your home is improved greatly by healthy, glossy trees, shrubbery, and  plants.
Sandy Springs Tree Services
can assist you in selecting new trees and other foliage for your home. Perhaps you want to create a serene space for peaceful daydreaming, have a lovely waterfall installed, or add a whimsical ornamental bridge or two. Sandy Springs Tree Services use Nurseries with the same high standards that we adhere to. If we are obtaining any type of tree, plant, or shrub for you, it will be top quality and brimming with health. Trees and other foliage are available in a variety of sizes. Some folks like to plant  smaller trees and have the contentment of watching it mature over time. Other families we have worked with and for like the impact of a larger tree or shrub. Of course, citrus trees are a favorite with many folks who love the simple luxury of strolling through the backyard enjoying a fresh-picked, juicy peach, orange, or whichever is your particular favorite.
 Our Estimator/Arborist will bring all the insight, information, and imagination to bear on your projects. We not only diagnose and cure trees, or remove them when needed, but we truly enjoy the "fun stuff". This includes making your ideas a reality, planting and/or transplanting trees and shrubbery, and so much more. Whether you are just starting out in a new place, or have been in your home for years and want to spice up your property, our pros bring their best, vast experience to your home.
Property values substantially increase when the home's surroundings include strong, healthy trees and foliage, and vice-versa.  Call the company with enthusiasm,  skill, and dedication to begin the transformation of your "castle" grounds to majestic splendor-one tree at a time!

Arborist tree services in zip codes: 30350, 30328, 30327, 30305, 30067, 30068, 30319, 30338, 30339, 30346, 30075 & 30076, and More..!

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